More letters in the mail, ~1/30/02, again sent to my work address.

Two white letters, three manilla envelopes, addressed to me, from me. Postmarks are Phoenix AZ

I'll comment on all this when I've got some more time

Letter #1 - local pix from right smack dab here in Tucson

  • Letter 1, front
  • Letter 1, pic 1
  • Letter 1, pic1 back
  • Letter 2, front (closeup in upperleft was my doing)
  • Letter 3, front
  • Letter 4, front
  • Letter 5, front
  • Letter 6, front
  • Letter 7, front

    Letter #2 - copies of weird stuff

  • Letter 2, front
  • Letter 2, pic1
  • Letter 2, pic2
  • Letter 2, pic3

    Letter #3 - more random s@$%

  • Letter 3, front
  • Letter 3, pic1
    02.25.02 from cynic2
    clue:  I don't know where else to put this clue, the new things don't have a contribution box.  If you look 
    at the most recent mailings received by the webmaster, look at "Letter 1, front" which the webmaster put in 
    white letters.  Under that heading look for "letter 6, front."  I am positive that is the "Time Market."  
    That really is the name of it and I've bought sliced meats and drinks in there many times.  The point is that 
    the place is "Time" market and even has a sort of faded drawing of a clock on the front of the store.  No 
    clue as to who owns and runs it but that would be an interesting piece of information.  Do you lean over the 
    counter and say "I'm from Ohio" and they point to the secret door behind the beer cooler?  I agree with the 
    webmaster that the Pimp messages are weird and disturbing but maybe they are supposed to be that way.  You 
    can't be too crazy and run a store or for that matter stay out of the hands of the police for years on end.

    hance: yeah, it is time market. I can actually figure out where these are if I get off my lazy ass and pinpoint the spots.

    name:  near a terminal / 02.27.02
    clue:  Need to crank this out quickly as this place is about to close down.  Actually it has closed but I 
    know them and they haven't run me out yet.  Look at the most recent stuff the webmaster got in the mail. Go 
    to "Letter 2, pic 1" and I think that one reads "subdwarfs."  The obvious point is that it deals with nuclear 
    fusion and fits with many other references, some of which are over 10 years ago.  Again it is my opinion that 
    the themes never change. I think their interests are fixated which fits with the extremely intellectual 
    content of the ads.  Of course it also fits criminals, revolutionaries, "Hannibal" and lunatics in general.  
    And that is the second point of "Letter 2, pic 1" or at least it is in my opinion.  I think they are thumbing 
    their noses at anybody who is against them but can't quite get the picture.  Subdwarfs can be either very 
    bright or very dim which is exactly what every smart contributor says about these ads. The people doing them 
    are either nuts or mega-brains.  And they aren't telling which.  You decide.

    name:  near a terminal
    clue:  On the most recent letters and pictures received by the webmaster, I don't have time to translate the 
    last page which is all in French, but I can tell you there is nothing random about it.  It deals with an 
    authentication procedure, I suppose for something cybernetic but definitely with one person who can't see the 
    other identifying him or herself ("prove it!" is one of the short quotations).  Looks like standard computer 
    stuff for identifying yourself.  The French is easy.  It reminds at just a glance of those labels and warnings 
    that NAFTA now requires, English, Spanish and French (if sold in Canada).  My guess is that it is the sort of 
    thing that an international organization like Campbell's Soup or Chrysler and so forth would produce, but this 
    one deals with computers.  My point is a little different though, these  very strange people seem to have 
    finally tested the webmaster's patience with unusual messages and unusual is putting it very mildly.  I wonder 
    if it isn't to conceal that last one in French which for some reason had to be really open and explicit. It's 
    not in the language of the website but it is very open. Maybe I can translate the whole thing next week but it 
    is straight forward I.D. stuff and I'm not even into computers that much.  I wonder if they aren't under some 
    kind of pressure which seems to be reflected in other aspects we have seen in 2002.  My experience is that 
    pressure comes in all sorts of ways but especially when you are either about to get flushed down the tube or 
    when you are about to win something very important. 

    haskeller 07.11.02
    This concerns the package you got with a text on dwarfs. (letter 2 pic 1)

    The text is from

    The festival d'Angoulete is an annual comic (as in graphic novel) convention in the town of Angoulete in France

    Heres something in English on it:

    Martin Gomilschak Jan 23 2002 is related to the link and the go board. it is a strategy game played on a 19 by 19 point board by placing black and white stones with a view to "surrounding" the other player. Martin features in the European organisation

    The Irish Castle features again. Wonder if something of the SAme lat or long appears in the ads? Who knows why the finger pointing to the tower window is significant?

    The French in letter 3 is an explanation of the "handshaking" sort of exercise by which a public/private key encription system (like PGP works). Nothe the two ** and the # and * symbols which also appear in the ads.

    The ticket and the Map address and reciept also suggest encrypted Map location references. Tell us something we don't know.

    Juls 03.15.2005
    clue:  This is a note for this page 
    which doesn't have a wee box (hance: Fixed this, sorry).  Letter 2 pic 1 - the text on subdwarfs with a ticket for the Angouleme festival 
    attached to it - the pic on the ticket of "The Cat" - seems likely to be a reference to Schrodinger's Cat.  I found a quick 
    explanation for anyone unfamiliar with it "In 1935 Erwin Schrodinger proposed a famous thought experiment in which a cat was somehow 
    both alive and dead at the same time. Schrodinger was attempting to demonstrate the limitations of quantum mechanics: quantum particles 
    such as atoms can be in two or more different quantum states at the same time but surely, he argued, a classical object made of a large 
    number of atoms, such as a cat, could not be in two different states...  In his original thought experiment, Schrodinger imagined that 
    a cat is locked in a box, along with a radioactive atom that is connected to a vial containing a deadly poison. If the atom decays, it
    causes the vial to smash and the cat to be killed. When the box is closed we do not know if the atom has decayed or not, which
    means that it can be in both the decayed state and the non-decayed state at the same time. Therefore, the cat is both dead and
    alive at the same time - which clearly does not happen in classical physics."  more here:

    Darque_Phizzix 05.05.2005
    Althought i am working on other comments pertaining to a "string" thoery of events within occured to me in
    letter one,, letter seven that perticular items have been "scratched out" to point o other specifics...not to mention the
    obvious brain theme in the picture it is obviously a doctors officem but my main focus would the detail in the clues "that are
    comprehesable" on the book shelf. These books themselves could be stepping stone, as "stepping stones" seems a safe way to approach
    the clues, as they are "interconnected" there must be more than one path to the "anwser"...I have a limetd ability in the areas of
    Hebrew and Quabbalah, a greater understanding of PHysics pertaining to Hyperspace, and string theorym. I may also add that
    althought it has been stated by the Orphenage tha THEY are not related to The Freemasons directly, my studies related to the craft
    indecates that there, despite what was said, are extremely high levels of items in every announc. that relate directly to in some
    way or another to the masonic arts, not the free masons specifically, but deffinat;y to the masonic arts, witch run deep in the
    last 350 years althought history states longer. It i salso my belieft that the protestant church seems to be the major "religious
    the" o fthe announcments, as well as the repedative rfreances to Luther. I have commited myself to this, eve if it is just "game",
    it is something that has challanged me at multiople intellectual levels, as i am sure that i sthe sam ereason we are all "drawn" to
    the mystery...I will get back, i mostly wanted to state the picture on letter seven had some odd "obvious" content to it.

    Juls 09.17.2005
    Re. Letter 1, pic 1 back - Hebrew text is "Bn-ADm HTXYYNH HOCMVT HALH" from Ezekiel, 37:3 "Son of man, can these bones
    live?" - which phrase has occurred elsewhere.  Full text of Ezekiel 37:3 is 'He said to me, "Son of man, can these bones live?" And
    I answered, "O Lord GOD, You know."'

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