name:  Juls

clue:  Hi folks

I only discovered this site a few days age, posted one or two wee things here and there.  I've looked at all of the announcements,
studied some more than others.  Read through a lot of the clues folk have posted, though I haven't read through them all yet.  I
was wondering about the names like the orphanage, the asylum choir, the midget tag team etc.  Why these names?  I thought that they
were just invented, but they're not as I see from a quick googlesearch.  Midget tag team wrestling does indeed exist over there LOL
- didn't expect to find that.  Found the Asylum Choir - band from the 1960s and given the way that the year 1969 has cropped up
here and there in the announcements, here's a page on their 1969 album -
Of course, the orphanage and the little orphan children are phrases in common parlance which means that they could have taken them
from anywhere.  The Pelagians, the Pigs have already been looked at, as have the Hirelings.  There seems to be a thread running
through the announcements that is highly suggestive of smuggling operations, I saw drugs mooted way back but I would also consider
antiquities to be a possibility.  If they are into this kind of activity, I think it's probably only one aspect of what they are
about, there's a whole lot more going on here besides that.  Curious to see what the next one brings..