I feel I need to explain it a bit.  The first worksheet is where I've gone
through, page by page, and written down those names that appear on that
page.  So to explain the numbers, if you see Captain Morgan with a 3 in the
next column, it means it's the third time I've seen Captain Morgan show up
_so far_ while going through the pages one by one.  The pages are listed in
chronological order except for the one you recently found and put up.

The second worksheet is the names of the people I could actually find any
info about, listed in the order they lived.  That provides some interesting
info in that you can see roughly what other people were out and about when
Martin Luther tacked up his messages on the church doors, for example.  I've
also listed a very short job description on this sheet.

The third worksheet takes the people on the second sheet and divides them up
categorically according to what they did.  That also is pretty interesting.

These last two sheets are what one of your letters from The Orphanage
suggested one should do.  So now we've done it.  Aside from the interesting
groupings, nothing's jumped out at me yelling "A-ha!" so if you see
something there, let me know.  Also, if you have questions on what the heck
my pattern means on the first sheet (not much), ask away!