(best estimated date - jan 10th,ish, 1998)-bdh

Repubgirl, in light of your interest in Mr. Hance and his "Mayday Mystery":

i'm too dumb to know much about the announcements but I do know a couple of them that probably belong and thought you might let mr hance know: why does mr hance think it is a game Tell him to be more literal and especially more LITTORAL like he needs to work from the edges of the diagrams in toward the center be more systematic mr hance needs help with his latin Greek and Hebrew and the indic languages his email buddies are not real sharp on their chinese either he needs help especially in areas where he feels the strongest for example if he were deeper into pattern recognition it would be clear that he has NOT found all the back issues maybe the morgue is missing them he should check other sources for back issues because they tell me that he would profit by reading from January of 1988 to December of 1992 for missing announcements for example there is a picture (or so they tell me) of an irish castle with a quotation from kurt Gödel which would help him a lot and especially to see that tucson is not so important from what I hear mr hance missed the December issues in 94, 95 and96. Seems like mr hance could figure that out from the references in europe especially portugal and germany why doesn't he pay more attention to the many maps which appear in the diagram like he should try something Simple along the lies of Triangulation and make inferences. Pass along what you think will help him. Better probably that he doesn't appear at the meetings just yet. he wouldn't exactly understand what is happening as the folks in the messages are interested in Structural Changes maybe mr hance wouldn't be real comfortable with that especially since some of the Focus looks to be Eschatological. On the other hand if the folks in the messages are correct maybe he needs to be informed for his future benefit. Problem for now is that on June25th he might go in the great hall and not see anybody even though Plenary Session was in full swing and everybody present. he'd think the place was empty and silent for centuries Like you gotta be ready. If mr hance really wants to pursue this further he could make a lot of progress by just looking up the various people named in the announcements in the encyclopedia brittanica more of the agenda would slowly dawn on him the amerikan educacational systeme is really bad in recent times: no history no geography no Bible and not much math guess that's why he keeps thinking it is a game he doesn't grasp the shorthard nature of human life and he sounds like somebody who doesn't know much except what he can learn on the WWW even appears that mr hance never goes near an Unabridged dictionary as he spells Lammas as incorrectly and thinks it is synonymous with MayDay not his fault the secular systtem has failed his teachers are too stupid or too afraid to educate him about reality. I hear he's definitely right about The Announcemnts having an End but maybe not the kind he expects mr hance sounds like a sincere young person but he currently has no idea of the immensity of the Prize. It could be that is why he hasn't been contacted. The members wish him well but more understanding is needed. If he works at the Announcements he will progress rapidly. Sorry this can't be written better I do the best I can with what I have. Maybe that's part of why the announcements are important: our current condition is not the last word.

Repubgirl, you should look into these matters more deeply.