Ain't no co-in-see-dents.  Like what de boys done at Bretton?  Why they be famous? Don't mean no drag-ass "committee" suckin 
on a webpage--DE OH-rigin'l BRETTON WOODS come-togehter-sort-it-out-Mother of all indunas.

From here:
The Bretton Woods Committee is a bipartisan, non-profit group organized to increase public understanding of international financial and development issues and the role of the Bretton Woods institutions -- the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the regional development banks -- in the global economy. Who Belongs to The Bretton Woods Committee? Committee members are prominent Americans who believe the United States must maintain and strengthen its international economic leadership. Members include industry and financial leaders; renowned economists; university leaders; former government officials; and other opinion leaders. Thirty former cabinet members including all of the former Treasury Secretaries are members of the Bretton Woods Committee.

Ask you buddies on the Web how much foreign exchange be slappin' from palm to palm, in just one mother-grabbin day. Man, like you 
love de web--make her wheels hum and you screen sing--get de elephant-humpin number in front a you face and mop drool, dude.

Pimp translation: Note how much foreign money is being exchanged, be impressed.
After dat, use dem ten nosepickers and figger what some Freaks what can count could do with a LEVER--Bro' Archimedes laid it down 
and still good to de last drop.  
Pimp translation: Think what would happen is someone were to alter this existing scheme.

So, what, now we have some sort of financial focus as well? Is this guy jerking us around?