Dear Mr. Hance:

Several sections have urged breaking Radio Silence in light of the fact that "ashton" and 
"jpepper" are no doubt well-intentioned, but pursing the wrong set of charts vis--vis 
the Hebrew.  A field operative has, it is reported, informed you that Offense is never 
a problem.  That is indeed true; feel free to report anything from anyone--grist for 
the dialectic mill.

What is a matter of concern is that all of you---and Bryan D. Hance in particular--not 
sail into Scylla and Charybdis.  Your friends are (unwittingly and no doubt in good 
faith) missing the point, which is understandable.  The interpretational aspects 
(especially in regard to the non-Latin-alphabet quotations and citations) are not 
easily grasped, and that by design.  You are not intimately familiar with our 
opponents and thus do not know of what evil they are capable.   

If you were fully informed, it might be very bad indeed for you. Just what could 
happen, will become more clear with the passage of time.   If that strikes you as 
risible, good.   Consider it a joke or [Whatever] and happily pass to other matters.  
If you did know how to structure the interpretational aspects, you would quickly 
have attention that would be less than enjoyable--and not from this side.

On the other hand, you are a young man of considerable intensity and presumably 
desire a greater degree of understanding than the foregoing--and certainly a 
greater degree than Messrs. Ashton & Pepper.  In what we believe is Received 
Standard English: In the various announcements, there is "melding" of several 
(apparently) disparate concepts.  Two of the (several) components are: Phase Shifts and Qabbalah.  

In physics the various participants have a considerable interest--in the Qabbalah, 
we have none at all--except for the fact that it offers a myriad of contradictory 
interpretations which are not generally accessible to Aristotelian logic.  Some 
of the (many) interpretations  involve a set agenda of numerical interpretations.  
Our opponents could, of course, gain access to the more widely known letter-to-number 
correspondences, but the combinatorial aspects rendered feasible by (e.g., geometric)
placement within an announcement, especially in the data base (that is, as compared
to other, earlier messages) has thus far foiled the loathsome opposition. Even
the Pelagians have only a finite amount of computational capacity. Naturally,
there are also additional, modifying factors, but to enumerate them at this
juncture would bore you.

Now, your friend Ashton, has hit upon an additional, ancillary aspect, when he 
seized upon "slice" (also analogously known as a "cut")--consider what those 
terms mean in higher mathematics, especially in regard to Number Theory, etc.  
That said, then consider the following: apparently conventional statements 
(references to travel from Point A to Point B, itineraries, etc.) could, 
obviously, specify what proportion of what component is to be applied to a 
given Slice of the data base.  Thus, it can be completely open (published 
in your newspaper) and still closed to  the foul fiends.  Simultaneously, 
the announcements convey literal messages, exactly as they are written.  
Remember, under the quadrigae, the first level is always the words (and 
numbers) as they stand written: "Es steht geschriebt." 

In closing, it should be mentioned that "mistakes" (or in Ashton's case, 
the perceived mistakes) are not necesarily by happenstance.  For example, 
none of your correspondents has remarked upon the concept of scordatura, 
yet it is explicitly set forth in one of the May Day announcements. There 
are several scordature, each of which is computationally significant.  
(The Nederlands man should help you with this point, for he has symphonic 

Incidentally, Mr. Hance, you should be aware that your some of 
your correspondents are not entirely well-versed in the Classical 
languages--which is no reflection upon them, considering the decadent 
state of education throughout our Western world.   Knowledge of the 
various languages, however, is not necessary to gather the drift.  As 
one of your countrymen said, "You don't have to be a Weatherman to know 
which way the wind blows." 


Webmaster: Kind of a snotty little fucker, ain't he? :)
  • Scylla and Charybdis : great little metaphor here..
  • Received Standard English: who knows and uses this kind of knowledge? Not exactly oscure knowledge, but not mainstream, for sure.