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Dear Mr. Hance:

        We have not communicated in nearly a month.  A point of
information from you: What varieties of currency have you received?
Kindly recall the amounts to be token demonstrations of
however, necessary to know from which countries the currency or
currencies originated.  Frankly, there is some question as to whether
the Hirelings have intercepted one or more of your envelopes.   If so,
your final token (for 1999) shall be sent through a less permeable

        Your interest in the CUBE is well-taken, albeit not
dispositive.  In order to progress, you need to see December 4, 1991 and
must be able both to translate the Greek and to know the context.  Both
are easy.  Having done so, naturally progress down the page, applying
what you are learning to CUBE.  Perhaps Carlos can help you.  The
deficiencies of contemporary education, especially in American
universities,  have made your task more difficult.  It is not possible
to be more explicit under current conditions.

        For a variety of reasons, it is probable that what was once
termed in your language-- "radio silence"-- will be observed for several
months.  Attempt to contact two or three people of erudition as to the
points that (currently) seem difficult.   The (perceived) difficulty
thereof is regretted but the power of the Opposition leaves no readily
available alternative.   Rest assured that your efforts are held in
continued esteem.

                                    --THE  ORPHANAGE

Webmaster: Hey, I didn't know it either...
  • Erudition: extensive knowledge acquired chiefly from books : profound, recondite, or bookish learning

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