Date: Sun, 13 Jun 1999 10:59:27 -0700 (MST)

Data Express... 
This data is from the Form located at the URL: 
clue=Dear Mr. Hance:

   Your current updating is very disturbing.  The writer of this e-mail has been directly ordered to communicate 
with you from Tucson, as the failure to receive (snail) mail from a location outside of Tucson, places in jeopardy 
your further participation.  

The following disclosures have been further authorized:

   You already know that some of the participants are indeed located within a few miles (less than 10) of your 
(supposed) mailing address.  The anonymity of the local participants is NOT INTENDED to either mystify or intrigue 
you--it is literally for your protection. (That aspect will become more clear as matters develop.)  Thus, the 
"indirection" is not intended to annoy you, only to keep you out of harm's way.  Equally so as to your friends who 
are rendering aid.

   You (apparently) did receive the mailing from Nogales.  Your friend (currently) in Sweden should also have 
received a very similar mailing.
   Only "Bryan D. Hance" received the second mailing, which was also from an Arizona location--but outside Tucson. 
The present participant has been directly instructed to send you a nearly identical mailing FROM INSIDE THE CITY 
LIMITS.  That should reach you no later than 6/18/99.  Please acknowledge receipt as soon as physically feasible 
(within your busy schedule).  THIS IS A MATTER OF MATERIAL IMPORTANCE TO BRYAN D. HANCE.  You are scheduled to 
receive two (2) shipments of Material Consequence, in connection with the Celebration of the 469th.  Both are 
tokens of your appreciation for your intense efforts.  If you do not receive the mailing (from inside Tucson), then 
another avenue will be developed, as your "estimates of esteem" will be delivered, one way or another.

name=One of your many friends

My comments: Map letter: From Douglas AZ. Douglass is KINDA near Nogales, but...And yes, Koen got one too.
The first manilla: From Tucson, but faked to look like San Fran.(?)
Apparently more is on the way, but I have yet to see it.
They sent it from an on-campus IP number, the library, so I don't know how far to take all this 'instructed to email you from Tucson' talk.

My protection? Whatever...

As for all this shit being late, I blame the US Post service, not some grand conspiracy. It takes mail 7 days to get to me from Denver, which is only a 24 hour drive away, so if their packages are taking a while, I blame the mail...