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clue=You some kinda cyberwhiz  n caint dig resonators?  Like what 
happened at Cana, dude?  You n that repub chick is closin in on a 
pisspotful of Brasher Doubloons--but you got to syncopate stead a 
jes grindin gear.

Like who hung in Goerlitz? What he be doin?  Swing with it, n doant 
fight it.  This is aint some Star Wars chickenshit, this be 
real change, but bro got to git his lips wrap around that reed 
fore he cain toot de horn, spit run out both earz, puff you cheek 
and WAIL.  That git you goin.  Rest come natural.  

Remember, bro, the chick be closer dan de dude in de cold 

name=You frien