Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 18:29:56 -0700 (MST)

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clue=Bryan:  Check out the original Bretton Woods.  What happened there? What sort of relationships were established?  If these 
"people" are talking, constantly, about numerical relationships and Bretton Wooods and, for example, Danish bonds, show up in their 
transmissions, what do you infer?
name=A bystander

My thoughts:
In a nutshell, the Bretton Woods meeting formed the IMF and the World Bank right around the end of WWII. People are now attacking both the IMF and WB, saying their policies are outdated, and do more harm than good, screwing up the economies of many 3rd world countries, etc.

Both are also right up on the top of the list of the organizations your average nutball tends to rant about, in the same vein as the Illuminati, the FreeMasons, the CIA, the FBI, extraterrestrials, etc. etc.

I see they're attempting to make some sort of comment on the relation between the Danish bonds and the Bretton Woods entities, but beyond that... ??.

It disturbs me that this particular hint is taking on a sort of "disgruntled individual vs. the government" tone, in the same vein of all the kind of folks who think the UN is secretly training Nazi hit squads in Montana in preparation for the New World Order. That kind of thing.

At the same time, every time we have recieved a clue that has left us on shaky ground (like the "you're in possible danger" email) it seems more of a metaphor for something else. As if this link to Bretton Woods, the IMF, etc is more of a side track to a bigger picture. Who knows. Anyway, you can read some IMF/WB/Bretton Woods info:
here, here, and here.