Dear Repubgirl:

This will be written in simple, declarative English sentences because it must 
pass through several permeable membranes before it 
reaches you. It has been suggested that either Mr. 
Hance is not posting new clues or you have become weary.  

The Announcements are not easy to interpret because of the 
extreme difficulty of what is under development.  Also, our 
opponents are the quintessence of evil, which makes encoding 
necessary.  Nonetheless, there are levels which are more 
accessible than others. 

 Here are two (2) suggestions which a determined person 
 like yourself could use to good advantage:

(1) Have someone help you with the Hebrew and the Greek.  
When translated, they give a key to one level.

(2) Make a list of all the names in the Announcements.  Start with
the earliest Announcement that Mr. Hance has located.  (They go 
back years earlier, but Mr. Hance has done a good job under the 
circumstances.)  Then make two categorizations within the list:

(A) By dates of birth or floruit;
(B) By occupation.

When you compare the lists, new insights will present themselves.

In closing, you are again commended for your industrious 
investigations.  It is hoped that more will be heard from 
you as the years go by.  This is not a project which will 
diminish during your lifetime, young as you are.

        --The Orphanage