Name: Jenny Geddes


Comments: Greetings, Mr. Hance, we haven't met but you have probably seen me.  
Not as I really am, a true, Oath-bound Freak but instead a well-turned chickie 
spouting nonsense on the screen which serves as the standard, officially accepted 
heroin for millions of the masses.  What I actually do is travel and deliver 
messages under direct instructions from The Orphanage.  Which is why you are 
hearing from me in this tasteless locale--the address has already registered 
in your computer and we are under some constraints for at least a while to 
maintain the apperance that all of this might be the work of a single lunatic.  
An appearance which will not be necessary much longer. Speaking of tasteless, 
non-descript locales, St. George's Hill appeared in much that light until our 
second cousins began digging. Look it up if no bells are ringing.  Juls could 
be especially informative. As you have no doubt deduced, I belong to what might 
be termed the second generation of this axial movement--although we really 
"date" from before the Creation when God the Father chose the Elect.  Thinking 
of that part of life that interests most of your countrymen at this juncture, 
are we living in a meltdown of fission or of fusion?  Big hint: Fusion--of which 
you shall both be hearing and experiencing more.  Beyond this I am not 
authorised to communicate except to say: may we meet you at the right 
hand of the Father.  

Your friend, Jenny.

bdh: message originates from same place as Thomas Bradwardine's.