Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 19:16:58 -0700 (MST)

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clue=Bry!  Dem peoples askt ol stoved up me to check the speed de page, how it run, seem ok to me.  Dey had tons a problems here 
lately.  Sumbuddy interfear with sendin U email on June1.  Hoppin mad, dey is.  but see U got de letta, so maybe all be cool.
Anyhows, de email trublz dont have nuthin ta do wid Bry--dey pissd at sumbuddy else.

Now I spose ta ask U sumthin--Bry do side jobs?  Everbuddy this side a Kathmandu know Bry gots a new job, but hopin ol R ol bud 
spare a liddle a de TickTock.  Hope so, as Bread waitin to be laid on U.  Hold off on buyin 1 way ticket ta Tahiti for U and 3 
chicks--it dont pay dat good. Ho Ho bad bad joke Id pay Good nuff tho, as dat cyber mess go.  Story I herd wuz sum zero-kinda 
purson call about the 470th. (Dey jes dig somebuddy up fer dis kinda trip--no tellin who) Give ol Bry the lokashun and a cupla 
detailz, git a price outa U--de standar shit.  If Hance be goin to da lokashun i thinkin a, preddy funky.  But safe anuff--Bry 
maybe get board but cain eaze de yawnz by countin dem pieces a papah dat git what mos folk want. Yeah, big daddy, you go home wid 
pictures a Abe n George an dem otha dudes dat i dont see too much of. Chow.
name=You bud