Date: Tue,  6 Jun 2000 13:23:01 -0700
Subject: Technical difficulties

1) Experiencing technical difs, due to a need for greater anonymity.
 All of those most concerned were supposed to receive the same
e-mal that was sent to Mr. Hance on Hemelvaartdag (Ascension
Day).  It seems that no one received and Mr. Hance had to retrieve
it from his P.O. Box.   Frustrating, even if this is done (as
thought by Bengt), by an AI program.

2)On what is presumed to be a happier note, Mr. Hance has NOT
exhausted his Proeftyd.  Some clarification as to the dates may
make that more evident: June 1st(2000) = Ascension Day, while
the 470th of the Confessio Augustana falls on June 25th.

3) The actual upshot (re:BDH) is a question that might wish to
answer on his "Mystery" page:  Is he available for (occasional)
projects in his locality?  It would "work" as follows:  BDH would
be contacted on or about June 25th by a non-descript individual,
in regard to a non-descript project.  If it went reasonably well,
he would be contacted in regard to another.  If it again went
well ...

4) The (initial) project would be small and probably as dull
as the human doing the contacting.  At the worst, it would make
an increment to Bryan's cashflow.

5) If this year's announcement is more difficult than those prior,
it is because we are nearer the Goal.  Piloting close to the
shore is difficult, especially under current conditions.

                     --Authorized communication

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