Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 19:03:46 -0700 (MST)

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clue=Mr. Hance:
     Your reaction to losing your [latest labor on the] project is admirable--very few humans grasp that reversals are inevitable.  
Have you, perchance, given  thought to what caused the crash?

    A [further] compliment has been authorized: Your work, along with that of your friends, has been so good that both The Pigs and 
The Hirelings have learned from you.  Thus, the format which you will [probably] see on May Day has been altered slightly, in order 
to confound their thick wits.  (The foregoing, obviously, does not apply to The Revisionists and their Pelagian masters.  They are 
fully aware of at least 60% of the {internal} correlations.  They are also ontologically malignant and must be dealt with beyond 
the First or Second Level.  No need for you to know more now--stalwart as you are, you still might flee from the project.)

      When you are examining what it is is expected you will see on 5/1/00, remember what most humans forget: The Edges tell you as 
much as the middle.  In what you are about to see, notice that there is more than one Edge, even as we see all around us--day in 
and day out, although few notice, much less understand.

name=Authorized communication

bhance: for the record, the crash was the direct result of nate's shitty hardware and my oversight. :P

Although, now, the Pigs and the Hirelings are reading THIS, so now they too are confounded by the cryptic Edge refereences... If you'd prefer one or more of these emails to remain private, unposted, it might be good to mention that in the future.