Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2000 12:15:28 -0700 (MST)

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clue=Yo dude!  Hey, peoples from elsewhere gettin on my case--tell me ta deliver message to mah bud Bry:
Translatin it outa Honky Speak, it read:
"Chill, Bry.  You ain't dealin with nuthing goin ta hurt ya.  Relax.  The slug shit (was der two of em--caint member 
now)iz from de Bible.  Aint nobody gonna plug ya."  Edykated folk lik Bryan maybe calls id a analogy--maybe dey calls id 
somethin else, but you gets de drift.

We knows dis iz a tough time for a young dude, pickin you career in Honky Land and all dat shit.  Maybe dem peoples send 
you some Bread, liddle token like.  Caint speak fer nobody but me, but ah knows dat a few Coin make it all better.

Speakin a Cool, repubgirl on de money.  Some a da resta dem friens a youz,dey aint too quick on de uptake, but dat Repub 
hold her own.
name=You bud