Date: Thu, 23 Mar 100 12:42:31 Central Daylight Time
From: by way of Dallas -
Cc: repubgirl@yahoo,
Subject: The recurrent mail problem

 Dear  Mr. Hance,

        This is being sent under some what difficult circumstances, due to the current need for a degree
of anonymity.  It is authoritatively reported that you should (by now) have received CASH at your box.  It is
hoped by all concerned that you have simply been too busy to check your box.  It was addressed "Hance,
Box 20730, 1330 E. University, [etc.]"  as that is nearest to what appears on your opening page.

        Please be informed that you have been sent numerous items from both Dallas and Houston, the
last should arrive Monday next--if your countryman use that phrase.  Please acknowledge upon receipt.