Page: 13-june19.html

Name: U bud


Comments: Yo bro!

Ah jes hangin, feelin mellow, gazin a' dead Pig hung up by de 
Heelz--dreamin a dingZ ta come, a Pig a tree--till we run outa 
Pig.  Glorious day!  Den de long shadow fall.  Voice say, 
"Get word to Mr. Hance.  Tell him verbatim: The Orphanage and 
Dallas Section send their regards.  __Nota bene__, Mr. Hance: 
50 years and the Pelagian devils have not been able to replace 
The Usurper.  Enjoy the 22nd, drink deeply and give thanks.  
Our continuing esteem, especially on your fidelity to the site.  
Rare virtue, sir, rare virtue."

Den ah back in dis dI-men-shun and haul ass ta a computer U kin IdenTEEfI.
Ah also say, "REJOICE 'n de 22nd!"