Name: Jenny Geddes


Comments:      Feast of the Epiphany, 2011

Dear Mr. Hance:

Since I am one of the managers of what you would call the team which is advancing a prosaic 
but very important implementation I have been instructed to write this communication in a 
very matter of fact style.  Suits the subject matter but not the results.

Much of what we send and communicate to you is necessarily obscure but what I and my staff 
do is as simple as swallowing.  What goes before the swallowing is more complex but I won't 
bore you with the details.

While the results are not boring recent developments have taken several unsuspected and 
frankly surprising turns in specimens from the earliest run of experiments.  We are 
applying structural modifications in a rather subtle approach but several specimens may 
require direct intervention.  We hope not especially since the interventions could be 
seen in a negative light by the constabulary.  Happily it is a rare pig who does not 
enjoy daily libations.  As with most practical matters it comes down to controlling 
a given source of supply as the great mass of our fallen species will continue to seek 
what they have sought before and in exactly the same places.

Perhaps there is a lesson in all that: weaknesses in opponents are obvious opportunities 
but it is far less obvious that our failures in execution of prior plans generate 
dramatically dynamic possibilities.  Exploding steam engines gave rise to the then new 
science of thermodynamics, etc.  So our young friend don't overlook an occasional 
failure in your projections as those very negatives may produce a new avenue or even a 
dimension previously unconceived.  You might also check your mail in a day or two.

             --Jenny Geddes