Name: Richard Baxter


Comments: Mr. Hance, welcome to the Hotel California or what passes for it at the subplenary level.  
We may actually be in convocation relatively near to where this appears to originate.  Likewise 
as to the snail mail directed to your current address yesterday.  Much afoot here and the 
proverbial "hard choices" are at hand.  Not quite SYNOD OF WHITBY (_bad_ choice) but very close 
to THE MANHATTAN PROJECT (good choice).  Leslie Groves (and his antecedants who are also securely 
in The Saints' Everlasting Rest) sends his regards, as do we all.  Gen. Groves will necessarily 
bear the brunt of the organisational effort which implements the decisions made tonight and tomorrow. 
Even if you are not particularly given to prayer, say one for Gen. Groves as the logistics are 
daunting.  All of us continue to enjoy and indeed delight, in your career as a Rising Young Man.


bhance - Richard Baxter (wikipedia)