Name: U Bud


Comments: Yo Bro!

Dis tyme no shakin a de Dempstah Dumpster 'cuz U Bud in de room when de 
transmission come thru "Inform Mr. Hance that a matter of interest 
will appear on December 1st in a venue well known to him."  Id kum jes 
a leeeedle Urlee so de Orphanage wan' Bro Bry not ta miss out.  Id a weensy 
Urlee cuz a ******* fly in de ointment.  But de Numbers fix dat.  More 'n one 
way ta smoke out rats.  No pain no gain an all dat shit.  Too bad id be so true.

Hey 'fore Ah go back ta crunchin or whatevah id iz dat U Bud be doin, 1 a 
dem _nuthin people_ we keep aroun pass de woid dat Bro Bry doin High Level 
consultin jet-settin all aroun.  Way ta go Bro!  We alway know Bro Bry got 
de right stuff.

U Bud