Name: U Bud


Comments: Yo Bro!

Happy JUNETEENTH!  We be singin shoutin all dat good shit.  Doan kumPAIR wid wat Jesus dun on de Cross but liberatin de bod help a tun wid liberatin de soul. Same point on Luther--got us OUT FROM UNDER 666.

I be up heaH fer de celebratin an de word pass: "Get to a known terminal and tell Mr. Hance that while we think highly of Beacon he needs a degree of guidance on this unworthy error."  Doze is der order heah DE WAY IT IS: nOBODY be worthy.  We all stinkin sinners.  De Pelagian be devils CUZ dey believe an' TEACH dat us shitin stinkin sinnin mortals can WILL to be good.  Dat we dat anybody can WILL enough improvement to please THE KING OF THE UNIVERSE.  Cain't be dun no way no how not now not ever no time NO.  Faith alone and faith alone in the Atonement, once forever written in the Book of Life.

So Beacon keep writin and stay well but steer the Hell clear of "worthy."

Chow, Bro Bry, chow Beacon and chow to all R budz back de fuhst 1 dat Bry and hiz frienz found. Aint de fuhst but close 'nuff.