Name: U  Bud

Email: twelve leagues beyond the wide world's end

Comments: Yo Bro!  Ol' Bry dink we uppd 'n dyed?  Nah, dis jes A bizee sEzun.  
Start off wid Christmas Eve an run clean ta Ephiphany.  We be sellabrAtin.  
Work 2, like 2 much we work.  LIKE MULES AN JUNETEENTH NOWHERE IN SITE.  
But dat OK.  Adam fell an nobuddy hea' bE-LO should spect nuthin else.  
Sum a dee work deal wid duckin de HEAT.  We kowd EXport BTUz.  But ah dun gib 
dee slip ta de cretin wat followin me 2-day so ah fawl-O de order gib me on 
Ephiphany: tell Bro Bry 2 chooZ careful whin buyin alcohol.  Sum dA U kno 
how funee dat iz.  When de hole mezz be up 'n runnin we doan't need no whips 
ta git de survivin PIGZ inta de feeldz.  "At the sound of the tone."  
Sleep good Bro but drink careful.