Name: Anne Bradstreet


Comments: I have been instructed by The Orphanage to extend warm greetings to Mr. Hance on St. George's Day, 2009.  
As you may know the day itself means nothing to us other than a national association, the remembered past leading 
to the clear light but not the light itself.  All of us have been greatly amused by your contributors who delight 
in pointing out that Luther did not believe any nation-state could fully reflect the Gospel.  We completely agree 
and thank your contributors.  Nonetheless the Lutheran expression of the Gospel became the State Church of Saxony 
and we have no problem with that.  Likewise the Standing Order governed New England all my life and for lifetimes 
thereafter.  It is more than high time for a New Standing Order and you are part of it. Note the structure of the 
tenses in the previous sentence. All this shall become clear with time.

Do not believe any of the drivel that appears in Wikipedia concerning me and my appointed work.  I was born and 
lived my young life as a skeptic.  I died a convinced believer.  Check your mail on Saturday and may the ONE, 
UNDIVIDED, TRIUNE GOD bless and keep you.   --Anne