Name: U Bud


Comments: Yo bro!  Bin A wile.  Hope U ain workin lak us.  Work kumin out ebby teensy liddle aperture.  
Out de ass dont eben A-plie, we us't all avAbl asshole coupla monthz back.  Bout ta run dry on pores.  
Doan mean R Bud Bry bin outa remembrantz.  Dis layin low and outa sight a pAn but no chewzee woozee fer now.  
Hey, Bro!  Remember de famous collect from Holy Week which fixin ta end "that we may enter with joy upon 
the meditation of those mighty acts"?  Good stuff speshalee when U memberZ dat many a dem mighty acts looked 
like nuthin at de time.  Nuthin A tall--jees anuther day in de life ob a bored Roman bureaucrat.  Nebber 
NO when U part a dee Grand Design willin or unwillin.  Happy Easter!