Name: U Bud


Comments: Yo bro!  De Dempstah Dumpstah shakin Richter 9 dis mornin.  Pokes mah fool 
head out an de looonatik wid de beanie an a propeller on top de beanie hat say: "Greet 
Mr. Hance on this Reformation Day and tell him to remember Luther, restorer of the Gospel. 
After that assure him the message he received a month ater St. Michael and All Angels' 
Day is indeed genuine.  The Duty Officer on that watch had received word from The 
Orphanage to wish him a happy remembrance of those to whom no Christian prays, but 
all should honor.  The Papist heathen, of course, do pray to all manner of beings 
who deserve honor but not prayer. Prayer belongs only to God Himself.  The message 
was prepared and then it was telemetrically discovered that the particular line 
was then being monitored.  Thus, we sent it a month later when no brothers or 
sisters would be at risk."  Den de beanie looonatik fire up hiz roller skates 
an' disappeah in a klowd of dust.  All dis make mo' sense to Bro Bry latah.  
Fer now check U box kum Monday.

Chow, bro.