Name: Ireton

Comments: Greetings, Mr. Hance; all here assembled wish you well.  May your new setting be 
good for you and those who love you.  Our current setting meets in festive circumstances 
as our opponents are simultaneously in disarray and totally uncertain what course to chart.  
We do not have that problem.  In German, they say "When great houses fall, there is much dust."  
Dustbowls work well for us.  Of course, in the end, everything works well for those who are 
called according to His purpose: the noose, the stake, piles of gold, fast breeding reactors,
along with flies and mosquitoes.  May it be so for you as well.  Again, all of us assembled 
at this happy juncture wish you well but we do caution you to be sure that everything you 
consider to be "from the Freaks" is indeed so.  "Test the spirits" is always Good Counsel.

--Ireton, for the assembled sub-plenary