Name:	N. Bohr
Comments: Mr. Hance, we have not met before but certainly shall, if only at
Judgment Day.  The assembled Brethren wish to extend you a joyous 478th
Anniversary of the Presentation of the Confessio Augustana.  The Pig to "whom"
it was presented is now burning in Hell with the rest of the Papists but that
makes a point: Pigs provide opportunities.  Peace and joy from all both here and
those already assembled before the Throne. BTW, in about a week you should
receive a significant something at your Cleveland address.  There is more than
one level.  Again, PEACE AND JOY.

opaleg 08.02.2008 referencing

I believe.

On the second link search Niels Bohr. (Notice the sender's name in the
message) /Several/ names related to the 'mystery' are in this link.
Several are connected in strange ways as well. 'Peace and Joy' is also
found in the site as well.

There are so many quotes and names in that link that seem strangely
close to the general theme of the 'mystery' that I believe you must
see it. However, here are some highlights.

"A true votary of Gita does not know what disappointment is. He ever
dwells in perennial joy and peace that passeth understanding. But that
peace and joy come not to skeptic or to him who is proud of his
intellect or learning. It is reserved only for the humble in who
brings to her worship a fullness of faith and an undivided singleness
of mind." - Recall some of your e-mails, from U Bud. -

"It is curious that people like Schroedinger, Niels Bohr, and
Oppenheimer were Upanishad scholars." This sounds familiar,  I can't
recall. Or find the names on your site but I am SURE they are there

"MK Gandhi was influenced immensely by Bhagwath Gita.Mother thresa
might have been influenced by the Holy Bible and also felt the need
for questioning the existence of God.Osma believes that what he does
is correct to the extent that he wants whole of america to accept	
allah.These people arre individuals and have their own faith to guide
them. It is intensely personal.However great the TRUTH justice
Srivastav may find in the holy Githa, i find his observations in
judgement as not only ridiculous and find its support by offstumped
just because Snells equity helped him along with Gita to discover"
-That bit reminds me of the first e-mail from the Orphanage.-

This could be completely off, obviously. However, it just feels too close.