Name: U bud


Comments: Yo bro!  Happy 477th Anniversary a de CONFESSIO AUGUSTANA!  U bud up heah in de Ole Pueblo fer de Celebration a de
Augusburg an a majah "indaba" a de tekneekal folk fer de neks series a experimenz.  Got ta do dis jes right.  If 2 many a de subjek
get off'd dispos'l be a problem, Key Stone Kopz an legal krap out de ass, so we plannin not ta pitch too many Pig down dem
beautiful ole mine shaftz dat dot de landscape by de tausend in bot' Pima 'n Santa Cruz counteez.  Later it be Schlachtfest an doan
need no mine shaft de smoke and the screamin do U soul good 'n ourz 2. Out in de daylight Roasty Toasty.  But dat komin' online
real time, Real World in a bit--fer now we jes U standard nothin people, sittin at so-so tables in nuthin-special jointz.  Doan
look Xsactlee normal but nobody in dis 3rd rate burg look Normal so we fit close 'nuff.  Id gonna make a funny story Bro, when de
smoke stack done turnin Pig inta fertilizer--maybe U literary talent kom in tah play like Bry be de fuhstest historian a de Real
Revolution radder dan de so-so start in 1776.  Like Bry be a leedle old but still solid in de head and kan put down de Glory a dis
Long March. Use Pig blood fer everee word an everee page. Chow, Bro--an say a prayer fer de brotherz an de sistahz what doin de
Heavee Liftin.