Name: U bud


Comments: Yo bro!  Dis be downrite interestin fer a smart dude lik R Bro Bryan.Jes be sho' ta shek dee time dis kom cuz id ain
igzaklee from yo bro.  De meanin from me but id bein _deliv'ud_ by 1 R experimenz.  Dis experimen goin preddy good--but he/she/dem
ain s'possed to show till aftah _High Noon_.

Now Bro, here de mesAj--remembuh Way Back When you dun seed de woid "scordatura"--keep dat in mine when readin'Grafton un Williams.
Might look in 2 dude name Biber an' Schmelzer--de dun der ding a sAIRtin way an' "scordatura" mix in der sumwhere. You gonna git
about a shitload a folk writin in "Mistake! Mistake! They mean prophe_c_y not prophe_s_y."  Nope. Id reelee s'posed ta bee
PROPHE_S_Y.  gib sum t'aught ta sequence, Bro Bry.  Wat happen after Prophe-s-y?  Do a verb eber become a noun?

Speakin a dat, greetinz ta R Bro Thomasson.  He a liddle off an de Jewish poetz bein dun in--but woikin in de rite dIrekshun.  No,
Bro, we ain fixin ta off NO poetz eben if dey heAdz on assbackwurdz.  ---We re-cyclin NO poet NO way.--- God woik in reeeeely weird
strAnj wayz an de poet folk tuned in ta part a THE GRAND DESIGN. 

Speekin a poet--tell Bro Thomasson ta look into "All in green my love came riding"--neber knO wad a smart dude like Bro Dan figger


HJ 05.03.2007
scordatura is an alternate tuning method used to achieve note patterns/chords that are not possible with conventional tuning. 
Biber, a student of Schmelzer, used this a different tuning for every one of his 15 sonatas in "The Mystery Sonatas" which relate
to the "key events in the lives of the Virgin Mary and Christ" (Wikipedia).  Maybe the tuning sequence over the 15 the sonatas is

PropheSy is the verb form of propheCy  so I assume that's what he's referring to in "Do a verb eber become a noun?"