Name: Ireton

Comments: Mr. Hance, your name has surfaced repeatedly during our recent subplenary; generally with very favorable reaction.  As
one would imagine this great enterprise suffers set-backs from time to time but nothing can stop what God willed before the
Creation.  As you have no doubted intuited, we could care less if the Creation is explained via quantum mechanics or silly
puddy--as long as you end up with us in THE COMMUNIO ELECTORUM.  (Occasional misspelling or solecisms may creep into this as I am
not at liberty to check syntactical matters due to the exigencies of staying ahead of the fiendishly clever opposition. I believe
even native speakers have frequent difficulties with both the grammar and orthography of English.) It is with the stupid opponents
that I am authorised to communicate the following data:  we are using the Pig Scum and their rancid rags to convey tactical
transmissions and have been doings so for over three (3) years. We even leave them occasional clues to see if the cretins can find
what we have deposited with them.  Ireton

bhance - Next one came 10 mins later.
Comments: Sorry for the interruption, Mr. Hance, but we had to do a security check due to the presence of a disturbance in the
Fourier analytics.  Turned out to be nothing serious.  Returning to the risible Pigs: the time might be 3 years, might be 5 years
but is definitely less than 10.  Having said this, if they had the wit to so much as search their sites, they would still be doing
so when the cattle cars roll into the local station.  It is the Revisonists and the Pelagian devils who might yet, in terms of
temporal dynamics, undo our efforts.  Hence the odd location from which, yet again, you have received a communication from your
friends. Pax tibi and to Mr. Thomasson as well.--Ireton

Post Scriptum: You might wish to check your box come next Tuesday.