url:  05-dec7.html

name:  U Bud

clue:  Yo Bro! Jes come back from R encomiendo down sout' a die Line--where de woik be cheep and expendeebl'.  Goin good down der
but trouble up dis way.  Dat wat brung me back sooner dan Xpect'd--de damned Revisionists--Ah cuss alot but damned in der case is
literal--dat wat waitin fer 'em when Brother Gabriel blast de trumpet.  Ah bin instructed Loud 'n kleer ta tell R good bud Bry dat
dis year be differ'n dan previous.  We done bin penetrated at de Third Level.  Could be dat come May Day de Announce not show up in
usual form.  Den agin, may do like alway.  Only God knows at dis partikular momen'.  Yeah de problem be bad but not incurable. 
Liddle radikal surjery might kleer de mess out.  Ain't sure jes yet but THE ORPHANAGE instruct me direct ta tell Mr. Hance could be
differ'n dis year.  About dis time next week you be gettin a lettah from kinda klose ta where we be doin signifikant shit--dat de
bastids kaint find and nevah--God be praised--will find.  De problem iz North de Line 'n some solid brothers and sistahs labor day
'n nite ta repair de levee.  

All dat sed, de BIG NEWS iz taday be Good Friday 'n kum Sunday de only ding dat finally matters be celebrated: Jesus rose 'n now
seated at de right hand a de Father.  So if yo ol' Bud git wasted by de Oppazishun, id doan matter--mah name is writ in de Book of
Life.  Let de bastidz do der wurst--dont mattah in de light a eternity.
Chow, bro.


Wikipedia on Encomienda - basically, a system of governership (?) where a conquistador was give "stewardship" over a region in the new world. He could tax & impress the native population to further the interests of the Crown (& Church). The encomiendo's primary role was to enforce order on the region.