name:  Rocky & Bullwinkle

clue:  Once again, Mr. Hance, we find ourselves in this cesspool of mortal inquity, not unlike
Cleveland or the Vatican or any other place inhabited by Adam's unhappy progeny.  The occasion is
not a happy one, as the cursed Revisionists have gained access to a third level communication which
means the Pelagian devils are close behind us. Thanks to the grace of the Triune God--He who alone
is both One and and yet Three, the same known to Moses and to Our Lord Jesus, an improved
cybernetic seal was hammered out about an hour ago, after days of agony.  Our point, however, is
somewhat different and deals directly with both Mr. Hance and ALL his contributors.  We appreciate
the mockers and the detractors as much as the genuine brilliance of many of your correspondents. 
NONE OF YOU SHOULD WAIT TOO LONG.  Consult St. Luke 11:23.  That is the reason that Kierkegaard
wrote "Either/Or."  Time is short for all of us, even if we live to 100.  Please excuse any lapses
in English, which is our second language.  Grace and Peace from the Orphanage.  Beyond this we are
not authorised to speak.