url:  05-june22.html

name:  Ridley & Latimer

clue:  We're in this sinkhole of degradation, which means it is like every other place inhabited by humans, for the ongoing
sub-plenary.  The Orphanage sent a direct message to Mr. Hance by way of "Craig"'s remark on the supposed "pasting in" of the
quotation from St. Augustine.  In fact, it was a real building in a real place; more specifically, it was the Headquarters for a
construction site.  The point about: "Audi alteram partem" was, however, well-taken.  Surprising juxtaposition, eh, Craig?  Just as
is this location, so are all our significant operations. We go where we aren't expected, we appear stupid, inconsequential, non
sequitur---and so we are, in very truth.  That said and it all being true, we shall by means of inconsequence, stupidity, "missed
chances" and all=around bungling, BRING DOWN THE PRESENT ORDER.
Our message and our duty, as per this assignment, is now concluded. We have no authorization to further communicate except: Best
wishes to Mr. Hance and all his contributors.

Hance: Email originated from a major DSL provider, thus, no idea where it originated gegraphically.