url:  05-june22.html

name:  U Bud

clue:  Yo Bro!


Dis be de day dat Martin Luther nailed the 95 to the door and started the war with 666.  
thank GOD for Bro Martin or we all be Hell-bound. 

Dat bring up anuthuh point dat de clever Juls raise about de bag a shit-ass chocolate dat s'post ta be a brain.  Doan worry U
serious mind, Juls.  Ebbyding totally kool.   U be dead right about de logical inference--we never forget a friend and we sure Hell
NEVER forget an enemy.  But de pikchuh iz jes chocolate.

U Bud would come on Reformation Day on mah own fer Bro Bry but Ah iz also heah under Orderz.  De Orphanage a tad kunsern' dat Juls
and a kupla otha good contributorz be gettin de wrong idea about The Brotherhood and Yank politics.  
all de Brothers and Sisters bound by THE OATH ain reel easy ta klassify.  Quickest way ta say it--we got R own agenda--ain in de
pocket a Bush or dem folks--but we sure as flaming HELL ain liberalz a no sort.  No ball-less wonderz amongst us and dat wat a
liberal iz--no balls and no brains.  Fer de folk dat dig History, we related like second cousinz ta both The Diggers and The Fifth
Monarchy Men.  Problem wid dose 2 movements was too much optimism about human nature.  De dark view is de Bible view when id kome
ta human nature--like Bro Luther and Bro Calvin.  But we all fer wat de Diggers start at St. George's Hill.  If no  bellz ringin
jes look it up on de ever-lovin net.  Wat happen ta R cousin wat send Bry de song about de Digger folk?  good song and U bet we
wanna see dem boyz at THE BIG TABLE wid Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Chow, Bro.