url:  05-april29.html

name:  U bud

clue:  Yo bro!  U bud be layin in de Dempstah Dumpstah happy az a pig in shit--dat de onlee way a Pig be happy so less
U lik shit U gotta hate de Pig.  So ah layin and BLAM BLAM BLAM de famous knock be komin.  Den de voice sez "Tell Mr.
Hance that he is welcome to edit the immediately past delivery but the message needs to be posted."  Bry, dey doant
care nuthin fer $ udderwize dey be livin different.  But dey care more dan woidsz kin say about numbers.  So post when
U git a chanz.  Gots ta go now az we wumpin up de next experimen--id a beauty.  Make mah mouth wata' jes dinkin bout
id.  Slice, slice, slice, cut, cut, cut, dice, dice, dice.  Pyro doan rhyme wid de otha woidz but id in der 2.

Chow, bro.