url:  04-aug4.html

name:  U bud

clue:  Yo bro!  HAPPY REFORMATION DAY, BRYAN!  SorrE dis didn't git atcha no sooner.  U bud done travelled his weary ass
off jes getin to dis nondescript lokAshun.  Bunch a  Freakz workin day N night a couple hourz south a Bro Bry puttin
togetha R next foray agin de Pig.  Too easy ta git noticed dis far nort' so we hangin wid a majer experimen' down where
nobody seed nuthin if dey bin paid.  A real capitalist countree, each evevy 1 a dem walk aroun wid a price tag hangin out
in all dIrekshunz.  Jes lay de Coin an de right one an Silence Is Golden.  R most recent experimen' cain't be disturbed fer
a bit yet BUT hey! on REFORMATION DAY U Bud got permiz ta take off n greet Bro Bry.  We all impress' wid Mr. Hance just
wish he not so bizEE wid dat otha shit.  When U got a free kupla a minidz post a few cluez.  Lotta folk enjoy seein 'em
maybee moh dan Bry know.  Jes cuz peoplez silent doan mean dey aint watchin.

Chow, Bry.