url:  04-aug4.html

name:  U bro

clue:  Yo bro!  Bin hangin in anotha dI-menshun cuz de HEAT bin fierce.  Hireling bastidz up de ass so U bro bin chillin wherez
de dumb fuckz kaint see me.  Cool space--maybe Ah meet Bro Bry der aftah de SCHLACHTFEST.  Anywayz, bro, Ah wuz chilled where de
bastids kain't reach when dat special vI-brAshun kum from de Orphanage.  "Inform Mr. Hance that he should have a delivery on 1
October 2004.  Include the delivery difficulties."  De Orphanage cotton to understatement--difficulties more lIke monster seas,
whirlpools, waterspouts and tsunamis.  Sheeetfire, Ah nebah bin konnekt wid a deliver dis much bother.  Dat piece a cloth U
receive done made by a Lady far off and den had ta bee dryclean twict.  "How come" Bry axt?  Cuz it passt thru 2 smoke-filled
roomz.  Ha Ha Ha--joke and reality, all in 1.  yeah id bin drenched wid tobaccee fume twict and id bin in de smoke-filled roomz
twict--otha meanin.  Id ain jes a piece a cloth--spread dat blue beauty out on a differNt kolour backgroun--Pattern, Bry,
Pattern.  All fer now, Bry, de V-I-BrAshun jes kome-in now: "Haul ass, dem shitz iz close."  Chow, Bry.