url:  03-dec3.html

name:  U bud

clue:  Yo bro!  Freezin mah fool ass off dis shitty day. damn!!! let's go to someplace warm like arizona. Eeben de trash froze dis
mornin--de shit in de dumpstah and de worse shit walkin round an de streetz.  so U Bud wuz all curled up at de bottom a de dumpstah
inside mah radioactive sleepin bag happy as a clam when BAM! BAM! BAM!  3 bams an youz know id from R Mu-tual Friens, like Abe
seein de 3 StraNerz when he sittin at de doah a his tent.  So I say, Yessir, what mah orderz be?  De answer come back from a freak
an a skateboard, nebah seed him afore, knew somethun big wuz up.  He say "Tell Mr. Hance that something will reach his PO box from
outside the political jurisdiction of the United States."  Den he off in a cloud a frost an dis freezin day.   We bin knowin each
otha a long stretch, bro, so ah tell you bro, a leeedle extra--we doan gib a shit about what an de border or neah id.  We gots
interests fa'thah south an east in dat shithole papist garbage dump ta de south.  Id fit wid stuff U bin gettin--but dat ain de de
point a wat in U box.  Id literal and META-PHOR at de same time.  Dig it, Bro Hance.