url:  03-may1.html

name:  U bud

clue:  Yo bro Bry! De ADW wurth pickn up on Wensdee.  Deep dude lik BDH mite see a ding or 2
d'ferent.  Dig it!



url:  delivery11182003.html

name:  U bud

clue:  Bro ah had to git dis cleared or woulda writ sooner.  De USURPER aint LBJ.  johnson-suckah
jes a common crook.  De USURPER mean dat PIG kennedy.  De only 1 outa 43 in succession.  1 in 43 do
dat mean somethun to Bry?  We talkin a liddle more now as 1 a R old horses finally start ta run.  Ah
do mean run.  Dat pope-luvin bastid kennedy had a bunch ta do wid de Founders a dis enterprIze. 
Some a dem weren't but 12 an 13 when de fine folk in BIG D git der act ta-getha and do wat shoulda
bin dun a Hell of alot soonah.  

Wat follow may be a mite gross fer a youngin like BDH but chaw on id afore U spitz dis out--when de
news from Dallas hit the airwave de Founders did not--N-O-T know each-otha.  Nevah met.  Some here
some der some bouncing aroun in fur-in parts but dey all start shoutin, singin fer joy, dancing de
_Ghillie Callum_ on deskz and tablez--U gits de pik-chuh.  Like 9 fuckin year latah 1 an den 2 an
den 3 an so fo'th happen into each-otha in a special place.  Old place fer dis countree, de light
comin' down true de late summer leaves, de light reflectin off dem old walls an folk younger dan Bry
iz now be talkin shit, comparin women dey knew otha placez--de usual chicken-shit-nothin' de fools
call Life.  DEN dey happen upon a deep fact--------each and ebby 1 a dem felt FREE when dat tool a
de Vatikan took a pop quiz.  De rest a dis iz becomin Historreee.

All dat a lot fer a young feller. Remembah, dem oldah membahz didn't hab' nuthin' ta do wid it, jes
glad ta be free a dah USURPER.

If ALL a dis too gross fer Bry jus' chalk id up ta some crazies temporarileee outa de asylum.  But
know dis Bro--der ain't chance. No accidentz.  Nevah.  It writ or it ain't.  We writ.


hance: 12.02.3003: I got nothin'.
DilZnik 03.04.2003
clue:  With the email that accompanied the code yesterday 03/12/03 (above) The writer tells us that LBJ wasn't the usurper, but it was
Kennedy. To the best of my knowledge, Kennedy was the first Roman Catholic ever to take the office of the president. I think. I'll
look and get back to say for sure.

Ok, i was correct, JFK was in fact the first Roman Catholic President. And from what the email coveys, this is the point
"they" were trying to make.

Bob  - 12/11/2003

clue:  This is in regard to the Pimp's posting of 12/2/03, here:


I'm not sure this posting is legit; it seems much too straightforward for the Orphanage. However, to the extent that anyone accepts
it, you might want to revisit what I wrote here:


The latest posting by the Pimp seems perfectly in keeping with what I wrote. Finally, if the Pimp's posting is legit, I don't think
it was an accident that they called JFK "dat PIG kennedy"; the use of all caps for the term pig seems almost a confirmation of part
of what I wrote in the posting cited above.