name:  U bud

clue:  Yo dude!  Dis tyme id wuz a PLAYzhure to see de loonytick wid de propeller spinin on
hiz beanie.  He say "Tell 
Bro Bry ta set de street on fire and burn up Campbell ta de Catalina.  Dey be showin
LUTHER!"  Ha, you done think'd de loonytik a Honkie?  Bro Bry be SUEprIz ta see all a us in
won place.  Ain't wat nobody would expect.

Liddle confess ta my Bro--U bud seed de flick mahself fore wrItin ta Bry.  Lik bout 6 time I
seed it.  Eat id wid a spoon, jes TOOOOOOOOOOOO fIne.

Watever you doinSTOP now and catch de flick.

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