url:  87-sept14.html

name:  U bud

clue:  Yo dude! I be back sorta.  Left sum a me a couple otha places but neider story iz wat Bryan wanna hear.  Damn! hot
out der and dem peoples pullin mah chain 'bout "Ninja Rabbi."  Actual fact, R mutual friens doan' gib a shit about "Ninja
Rabbi" but dey sure Hell doan' want R man Bryan misled.  First and foemost, de Hebe writin in de announcemen is a
kwOtashin, like famous.  So Ninja ain' got a clue cuz he/she/dey didn' gib no reference.  Sekund and dis be BIG FER
BRY--we, like not 1 a us, gib a shit 'bout wat dem "Israelis" talkin or not talkin in 2003.  De Yidz all hung up on Israel
but id jes another place, so doan be misled by no "Israeli" native speaker. Dey count fer nuthin.

Now here iz a flash fer BDH and "Ninja Rabbi" did gib U a iddy biddy boost on dat 1--de first "vowel marking" shoulda be a
schwa in de fAmUS kwOtAshin --likeways under de "mem" which is also a schwa--Ninja R korrekt bout dat.  But wat U see ain
no mistake.  OK, Bry, outa respect fer BDH, dis an influence from de Kabbalah, an "ninja rabbi" doan' kno nuthin bout dat,
so U bud told ta lay de followin woidz on de clevah Mistah Hance: de announcemen changed de schwa ta a segol (seghol) cuz
Rabbi Abraham ben David (sometime he called in de history books by a acronym like RABaD or Ravad or eben, Raava--depends
on which 1 you grab on which day but dey all de same dude, died about 1198 in de south a France), an he used "segol" (dem
three liddle dots)ta stand fer Sunday and also fer one a dey Sefirot--Hesed (Chesed).  Same point made in another, eben
more obscure source, _Shaar Ruach Ha Kodesh_ but eben if Bry got de book, got ta know where ta look, same way in RABad an
wat he writ.  Final poin den I be done and outa here, all a dis stuff is from Kabbalistic commentaries on de _Hilkhot
Yetzirah_but der be about 80 big ones and lotsa, lotsa liddle uns.  Ain likely nobody kan puzzle out a partikular messAj
until we be done and outa dat place in dat announcemen. So iz we Kabbalists?  Big NO on dat 1, id jes useful like writin
in disappearin ink and dat image stereo jazz wat Beacon mention.  Got ta lay id between de lines fer now and eben so,
"Look to the obvious."

Chow, bro.

... and in a following message ...

clue:  Hey bro!  Der is a long mesAj fer Bry on  87-9-14 dealin wid "Ninja Rabbi."  U might wanna post de long 1 in
"recent developments."  Now, thank God, mah Dempsta Dumpsta be callin.  Home sweet home.