url:  03-may1.html
name:  Boris & Natasha

clue:  Rocky & Bullwinkle are elsewhere and we were available at this hour for this computer.  It is believed to be known by Mr.
Hance.  "Rich"'s latest comment was monitored earlier in the day and was sent forward. It was found to be disturbing. We are
authorised to communicate.  The "compromised" locations did not result from this site. No one on this site has ever done us any
harm.  We do not insult our friends.  More is happening than appears on this site.  Some of what is happening is very difficult. 
The difficulties are not related to any contributor. If we met any of you we might disagree but not see you as enemies.  We have
actual enemies enough.  Contribute whatever you like.  Say what you want.  Beyond this we are not authorised to communicate.