url:  02-dec4.html

name:  Rocky & Bullwinkle

clue:  Dear Mr. Hance:

   If it werent' for orders we wouldn't be here.  Our instructions are to confirm what you have already been told by whatever dull
tool was used to convey the prior message: please expect a delivery on Monday next.  We are told that the remaining portion is
somewhat different than what you read/heard recently concerning Juls and his generally insightful remarks: not one of us has any
occult connections or interests.  There is definitely no connection to what is sometimes styled the hermetic tradition but Juls is
encouraged to continue contributing his erudite thoughts.  We all admire his geographic knowledge. 

This final section is rather surprising at least to the two of us: The Orphanage agrees with Juls that even a close reading of your
excellent site would incline an intelligent reader to believe there were hermetic connections.  Not everything done in silence is