url:  02-dec4.html

name:  Rocky & Bullwinkle

clue:  Dear Mr. Hance:

As you know, your friend who signs as "U bud" is on detached service for an indefinite term.  In his stead, we were dispatched to
this decidedly seedy location. May he return quickly or The Orphanage send others for the next message.

Our instructions are as follows: "Inform Mr. Hance that a small token of our continuing esteem is being prepared for him.  He will
not be contacted by the various non-entities with whom he has sometimes dealt in the past.  This is the only reference that he will
receive.  One of the items is presently drying but a sufficient amount of residual moisture should be extracted by no later than
one week from today.  It will be delivered by anonymous courier.  When examining the items be careful to investigate any metallic
sounds that emanate from a container.  It will be well worth your while to do so, especially in today's turbulent markets."

Having delivered as we were bidden, we are now free to leave while it is still daylight.