url:  02-sept26.html

name:  U bud

clue:  Dude,dis be strange.  Ah knowz dat ole Bro Bry dink all dis weird but dis beyond weird.  Ah was stretch out 'bout an hour
back, jes floatin on de vaporz dinkin 'bout de damnation drama wid us up in Heaven watchin de oppazizhun go sizzle n pop all dat
meat be blazin de sweet smell a burnin fat offn dem pigs an den BAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAM.  Ah knowd it official hard ass business so Ah
poke mah head fast az Ah kin burrow up.  

Bry none a wat jes got writ iz weird it jes mah life.  Dis iz de weird part-----------------------------------------------Ah look
out and der is de mean dude wat gib me de kold chills jes look at 'im.  He smilin.  Ah aint shitin U, Bro, he smilin.  Flashin dem
pearlies.  Ah nebah seed dat before and probably nebah see id agin.  He smilin an' say "Tell our friend Mr. Hance that a Christmas
present will be hand-delivered to him next week."
Den bam, he gone.  Kaint say exactly how he do it, but he gone.  Ah sez "Feet do U stuff" an Bry, here Ah iz.  Next week,