name:  U bud

clue:  Yo bro!  Wuz groovin in de Dempsta Dumpsta, floatin ovah de abyss and lookin straight down at all dem Revisionists
burnin fo'evah, screamin and strugglin and nevah gonna git loose--make me happy ta be a teensy part a de only way ta win in de
whole universe.  Sudden like der come de soun a Ludwig Van's Eroica floatin ovah de Dumpstah.  Ah know dat is de sign ta listen
but not look.  Some shit it better not ta know.  Dat way if dem bad peoples gits hold a me, kaint tell 'em nuthin.  Den ah
hearz dat same voice wat Bro Bry heerd a couple a tYmes.  "Mr. Hance would do well to seek more information from the source who
signs as mr_damien."  Kaint hurt nuthin ta add dis, Bro, where could you sail one a dem Wayfarer boatz?  Seen any map, any
chart wat fit a small boat like dat un?  Nice, easy, one day sail?  Dink bout wat you bud wuz doin when Ludwig Van come floatin
in, ah floatin too, just nice an easy.  Leave aftah sunup, back fore sundown.  Lota heroic stuff gits done in a short time,
doant need no behemoth ta do Big, Bigger and Biggest but U do gotta have de map.


Hance: oh, we've got maps... plenty of maps...