name:  you bud

clue:  Yo Bry!  Happy Day, Happy Day, Happy Day--leestwise, it bekomin happy, as ah got de lokashun a dat dumb fuck wat mis-deliver
you present.  Deal wid him good an proper shortly.  Since you did get id, he kan keep breathin but won't enjoy id much for a long
spell. Ah love mah work.

Hope ah lives long nuff to be in charge a beeg kamp wid all de right equipment--heh heh, as our bud Carlos say.

All dat a liddle off de subjekt--Ah suppos'ed ta be in de delivery biz.  Like a mesAj fer our bud Bry.  One a de dings wat de dumb
fuck is suppos'd ta have deelivered is a teensy cassette.  Iddy-biddy, sneeze and id be gone.
When BD Hance gits to id, U might use a smidgin a help from you budz wat live an de otha side a de Puddle.  Important stuff, might
not go in a sound file.  Might wayz U could mail it ovah ta dem peoples wat live in poley-bear land.  Dey knowz all about id or sum
a dem do.

Remembah, Bry like one a dem po' sad heathen say, "Look to the obvious."