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url:  01-dec5.html

name:  you bud

clue:  Hey, Big Daddy, major jazz goin down tomorah.  Good shit. Our Man Bry gonna see wat he aint seed afore. 
Read dat comin one real careful.

Dem peoples wat beat on mah house when dey wanna git wid Bry gib me a kweshun for Bry.  You git a mesAj from 
de Orphanage?  One a de smarter ones called id in ta Bry.  You out tomcat-in aroun so dey leaf a mesAj for 

Case id got messed up de Orphanage want Bry ta no dat he git a LEEEEEDle reward in a coupla weeks.  Aint got 
nuthin ta do wid dem degenertes in south California.  Dis one iz wat most a Adamz screwed up chilluns want 
above all  else.
Chow, dude.


-hance: I got it. Trying to figure out a way to record the damn thing..