url:  01-dec5.html

name:  You bud

clue:  Yo dude!  Dem peoples git on mah case, "temper your remarks" so I be temperate dis time.  Aint mah 
first choice but sheeeeit, till we git ta Heaven, nobody git first choice. If de Orphanage want TEMPERATE den 
I be temperate out de ass and both ears.  Ah signed on and Ah serves where and when it move de Cause forward.

Fuhst and maybe foe-most we enjoy all you contributors ee-ben dem whats doant like us.  Dey all got somethun 
to add ee-ben when dey wrong.  A wrong answer OK long as it move U off dat ole dead ass we all born wid.  
Sometime bein REAL wrong is de last step a-fore de grace come tricklin down and U see de light.

So get wid U bud what sign his-self Johnny.  Dude got insight.  Squeeze him for some moe.

EXPLICIT info strait from de Orphanage, help wid dis Announcement, dis page.  De "destruam" sho' nuff from de
Vulgate--but not all in one place.  Part here, part there--find 'em--den de partz be stuck tagetha and BINGO, 
you gets de quote.  Dat probably how Proudhon done id too--but de quotes is actually out de Gospels.  
Remembah, we done cited NOBODY der, no name given--dat a clue in idself.  1 ding it tell U iz dat de quote is 
real words spoke by somebody but not all in 1 place.  Dat bring us to Level 2--mapping take lotz a form.  Hab 
sum math wiz fill ole Bry in on "mapping" in topology.  Aint de same as in cartography. Chew on dat a while 
and lots a dis git moe clear.

Final ding: Hey, Bry, U git two (2) presents?  One from near Phoenix and one from dat de-generate sinkhole 
known as south California? Good place fer a bunch a Thought Reform camps.  But ee-ben dem degenerates can make 
good eats. "Through the lips and over the tongue, look out guts, here it comes."  Eat 'em up, enjoy 'em.  Jes a liddle 
TASTE for our BroBry.